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Creative digital agency specializing in UI/UX design and development

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We create websites by strategically combining the storytelling of each brand with a careful user experience.

At tbb Agency we define the information architecture taking into account a set of interaction patterns and visual elements. We design the view that allows the user to interact effectively with a system.

Our Services

Diseño Web Ecommerce

Ecommerce Web Design

If you’re looking for a partner to design your eCommerce as a digital business, you’ve found it.

To succeed in the digital world you need an online store that is more than just a well-programmed website.

Our UX agency in Barcelona has the best specialists in shopping experiences design.

We design your eCommerce
Diseño Web Tailor Made

Web Design – Tailor made

Whatever your digital business, having a strong online presence is essential to:

  • Building your brand
  • Create visibility
  • Establish your authority
  • Build lasting relationships
  • Highlight
Bespoke designs for you
Diseño Landing Pages

Landing Pages Design

Our UX graphic design team creates unique responsive Landing Pages optimized to turn clicks into transactions and take your Paid media strategy to the next level.

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Diseño UI/UX

UX/UI Design

We design with your customer in mind, using the most stringent and advanced criteria of interaction design and user experience, while taking care of the interface design creating solid experiences that understand users needs. Our mission is to meet those needs in a simple and clear way, achieving a successful digital product.

We designed your next UI/UX
Servicios Consultoria

UI/UX Consulting Services

If you want to improve or create new digital products, it’s best to start building the house from the ground up.

  • We performed an expert UX review
  • We help you develop a clearer understanding of who your customers are and what they need
  • We audit the UI/UX of your online store, Website or application
  • We develop prototypes and carry out usability tests
  • We recommend methods and tools to measure and improve user experience

We create a comprehensive product report and roadmap with practical user experience design tips in record time.

We can help you!

How we do that?

We take into account aspects of the information architecture: the site global structure is designed with content in mind and not organizational structures. Our UI/UX designers team ensures that the website’s navigability offers clear and user-oriented paths.

At tbb Agency we think about how the system designed in response to the user will behave, creating a pleasant atmosphere for users from a layer of colours, textures and graphics.

Our process:

Atomic design

We define what is the minimum unit of the product. Through Sketch app we create a unique language as a design system (weights, fonts and colours).

Website design

With Sketch app we design a website mockup, taking into account the previously defined design system.

Design presentation

We deliver a high-fidelity mockup with the website look & feel. Through Invision, the customer and designers discuss how to improve the first version.

Export Layout

Once the improvements have been completed and the design phase has been approved, the UI team exports the model to Avocode to work together with the programming team to model the website.

Why choose us?

Porque elegirnos
  • We design with people in mind
  • Our UI/UX design methodology is agile and effective
  • We focus 100% on business objectives without compromising website quality
  • We respond quickly to customer needs
  • We have a complete expert team of web professionals in house
  • We create web products that adapt to all devices
  • Our experience in project management and development is verifiable

We understand your digital challenges

Throughout these more than 10 years we have worked hand in hand with many companies, with all kinds of digital challenges and we are clear that they all have different needs. If you encounter one of these challenges… don’t worry, we can help!

Take the first step and start now to offer the best user experience to your customers.

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