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Social Media Community Managment

Running the community management of a business’s professional accounts is more than just creating a business account and starting to post. The actions and campaigns you develop, and the interaction with the community must be based on a designed strategy to achieve certain business objectives: sales, promotion, branding, etc. Hence, the importance of community management professionals work.

Our expert community managers in Barcelona are the specialists in capturing the user’s attention, in addition to generating and maintaining the interaction that, in the short or medium term, will translate in positive results for your business.

Why hire community management for your business accounts?

All customers like to have their questions immediately answered. This also applies in the digital world.

Hiring a professional Community Manager service ensures that your customers and friends in the digital channel are well served at all times.

Maintaining relevance and being in the top of mind of your digital community is also the best way to boost conversions on all other channels.

Contratar community manager

How we do it?

We keep your community

Are you bent on finding new customers?

Keep in mind that converting more is not only about getting new customers, but also about maintaining and loyalty those who are already with you.

This means you need to take care of and maintain your community. First you will have to build it, but then the challenge is to make it grow and maintain it, because you want your users and potential customers to remember you, choose you and want to repeat it. And for this you will need to rely on community management professionals.

Mantenemos tu comunidad

We create engagement for you

A community of engaged users will help you grow and improve your value propositions, buying, sharing and co-creating with you.

Our team of experts in social networks will learn and internalize how your brand is, inside and outside, to create and offer a relevant and quality Community Management service, suitable for your audience, in each social network.

The goal? Generate the level of engagement of the brands that fall in love with their audience.

Creamos engagement por ti

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