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Where Social Media Makes Sense for Business to Business.

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A good social networks marketing strategy can be a very effective tool to increase business opportunities and generate B2B sales.

How do we increase business opportunities?

  1. Boost your sales team’s results by generating more business opportunities through social networks.
  2. Improve market positioning by enhancing your brand visibility and reputation or value proposition.
  3. Reduce time spent finding and generating new sales opportunities.
  4. Knows and improves competitor strategies.
  5. Listen to the market to avoid losing relevance.

Lead Acquisition & Nurturing

Social Selling is putting Social Networks at your company service, helping your sales teams identify new leads and establish conversational relationships to attract and guide them towards your sales pipeline.

Social Selling on Linked

Selling to companies is selling to people who work and make decisions in those companies. Therefore, one of the most important parts of a good Social Selling strategy will be the initial research that determines in which social networks the most relevant people have a presence for the business, and certainly LinkedIn will be one of them – and probably the only or the most important.

Linkedin es con diferencia, la red social Nº1 para realizar contactos profesionales y ventas B2B porque posee herramientas muy avanzadas para localizar, contactar y segmentar públicos profesionales, además de una excelente plataforma para la creación de campañas y publicación de anuncios. LinkedIn is by far the No. 1 social network for professional contacts and B2B sales, because it has very advanced tools for locating, contacting and segmenting professional audiences, as well as an excellent platform for creating campaigns and publishing ads.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms

Most people are on Social Networks and professionals are no exception. Many companies recognize the benefits that the use of these channels that are not normally used in B2B can bring, as a way to make themselves known or enhance their brand image.

Tabla redes sociales

We can help you achieve your goals

In B2B marketing, the goal in social media is not to try to build the largest audience, but to search for, locate and connect with the right audience, which in many cases can become just a few thousand people. How many dentists do you think there are in a country? And how many of those do you think are decision makers?

At tbb Agency, we love working together with our B2B customers and developing Social Selling strategies that make sense, generate return and add value to their brands.

Professional services we offer for the development and maintenance of winning Social Selling strategies

  • Design and document Social Selling plans and strategies
  • Determine which social networks are relevant to your business
  • Conduct market research
  • Define audience, Buyers Person, Buyers Cycle and tone of voice
  • Create social networks profiles and pages
  • Manage your social networks activity
  • Conceptualize, create and distribute content to generate leads
  • Design strategies to attract organic traffic
  • Manage Social Advertising accounts and strategies
  • Design and schedule landing pages
  • Implement advanced B2B marketing tools: HubSpot, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn PointDrive, etc.

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