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Growing traffic in search results, naturally, without investing in paid advertising, is possible with search engine optimization (SEO). Reaching the top of the search results page is feasible with a combination of technical, creative, strategic and tactical processes. We pair these processes with a clear objective: to increase visits and organic traffic quality.

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Why do you need an SEO positioning strategy?


More SEO traffic results in higher returns on investment. Naturally reaching the top positions in search results can provide a very satisfactory return on investment. We don’t pay for our clients to reach the top of SERPs, nor for the time they are positioned. Instead of investing solely in Google Ads, we implement a well executed SEO strategy that is significantly more cost effective for small and medium-sized entreprises.


SEO positioning equates to a higher organic visibility of the business and brand in search engines and, therefore, can be more easily found by your target audience.


Attract qualified traffic. Users’ search intentions are clear, and they expect to get a solution that closely relates to what they are looking for.


Appearing in organic results inspires greater trust and credibility in the website.


SEO positioning allows for a progressive and stable increase in visits.


Maintaining SEO positioning with relevant keywords is the best strategy to build a strong online reputation for your brand.


Your competition already has an SEO positioning strategy of their own.

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Audit and SEO adequacy

In order to offer the perfect solution and meet the desired goals, we must truly understand the current state of your website, your unique brand value proposition and business objectives. No SEO search engine marketing project should start without a thorough initial audit to determine the competitive status of the website.

  • SEO technical audit
  • SEO content audit
  • Organic web traffic study
  • Local SEO opportunities and needs

Our SEO agency in Barcelona has qualified and experienced specialists in SEO web positioning, all certified by Google. Our analysts and programmers are highly trained in detecting your website weaknesses, correcting them and transforming them into strengths that you can use to generate a competitive advantage.

Why trust our SEO Agency?

Our professionalism, transparency and more than 10 years of experience in developing online projects, with tailor-made strategies that only we provide, separates us from other agencies. SEO experts, designers, programmers, content creators, managers and assistants; we all work together in sharing merits and responsibilities in the pursuit of common goal and holistic vision: facilitate the digitalization of our customers and reach the top positions in search results.

ico Profesionales SEO


We have the knowledge and experience in understanding exactly how search engines and their algorithms work. We use this base of experience to develop the most effective optimization strategies.

ico White SEO


When consulting an SEO Agency, it is essential to demand transparency and clarity at all times, but especially when it comes to the strategies and tactics that are followed, the necessary dedication and the expected results. Being a Google Premier Partner means that we are constantly evaluated in managing our accounts, maximizing budgets, and optimizing performances.

ico Estrategia SEO

Bespoke SEO strategies

We provide specific strategy blueprints alongside clear and effective SEO processes that combine a set of appropriate practices for each need.

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Frequently asked questions about SEO

How long will it take to see results with SEO?

In most cases, SEO is a medium to long-term channel. The time it will take to experience an increase in performance will often depend on your starting point: is the website designed in a user-friendly way? Are there technical obstacles? Has the domain been penalized for violating Google’s guidelines? Has organic positioning been worked on before? If so, what work was done? How much time are you willing to dedicate to SEO per month?. These are some of the variables that we must consider when evaluating how long it will take to achieve the goals and objectives set.

One thing that never fails is to work with a reputable and specialized SEO Agency backed by a portfolio of important clients and a good number of relevant and demonstrable case sudies of SEO positioning successes

Will my SEO performance be rewarded by Google if I also spend on PPC?

Running effective PPC campaigns and having a high quality score will have no direct effect on SEO performance. However, an effective PPC should be complemented by the SEO strategy and will inevitably generate better results where there is less organic visibility to help master SERPs in brand presence or target keywords.

Search engine strategies cannot be carried out separately from each other and therefore, if your SEO agency is certified in Google Ads, the profitability of your investment in search engines increases exponentially

How to integrate SEO and PPC?

Combining SEO techniques and organic positioning with PPC campaign strategies in search engines is the key to maximizing your investment and getting a higher volume of traffic and conversions at a lower price. SEO opportunities are discovered through PPC campaigns; these include obtaining larger amounts of data on keywords, SEO strategy planning and increased visibility and brand presence in SERPs. PPC opportunities that involve better SEO data can also be found in situations where the price is tight; to improve keywords with low quality scores, or to use organic data to plan the PPC strategy.

The key: look for a trusted SEO agency, specialized in comprehensive strategies for search engine marketing (SEM), which offers you a full range of certified and verifiable professional services and answers all your questions so that you can be sure that you are on your way to digital marketing success.

What is Local SEO and what is its importance?

Simply put, local SEO is a 100% search engine optimization (SEO) strategy focused on making a business more visible in local search results on Google Maps and geolocation-based results services.

Any company that has one or more physical locations oriented to meet users demand within a specific area, has to work in close conjunction with local SEO strategies, and benefit from this great source of organic traffic that is ever more important.
Local search has been around for years, but it was limited because users only used their desktop computers and results were purely demand-driven. However, growth in mobile internet access and mobile search increased the importance of local SEO for the success of any business that offers local products or services.

The key: Find a professional SEO agency in your city, that knows your customers’ search habits well, that offers you a complete range of certified and verifiable professional services and that can answer all your questions about Local SEO. 🙂

What does tbb Agency SEO Agency offer me?

Our services for optimizing website performance in search engines are backed by objective and demonstrable results.
The stores and websites of companies and entrepreneurs who have relied on our SEO Agency Services are the ones that best demonstrate what we can and want to do for your business´ SEO.
That is why we are convinced that our proven experience, strategic efficiency and commitment to the success of those who trust us with their websites and webshops place us amongst the most competitive SEO service agencies in Barcelona. 🙂

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