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Inbound Marketing Technology

Good Inbound Marketing strategies offer a new perspective to attract visitors, turn them into customers and loyalty. The way we buy (and sell) is changing.

If you’re looking for a way to intelligently combine your traditional marketing actions with an excellent Inbound Marketing strategy, chances are you’re in the perfect place to get it right now.

Attraction Marketing or
Inbound Marketing

What is it?

Inbound Marketing is surely one of the most intelligent technology responses to the new challenges posed by digital marketing evolution.

The digital saturation suffered by the user as a result of the bombardment of messages to which he is subjected, has given rise to a whole series of defence mechanisms, such as ad-blockers, which have drastically reduced the effectiveness and return obtained from traditional performance marketing campaigns.

Inbound Marketing

This is where a marketing comes into play that bets on a strategy of attracting users supported by relevant content creation throughout all customer journey phases: awareness, consideration, purchase & loyalty.

How does it work?

As its name indicates, Inbound Marketing is committed to a strategy of attracting users and, to achieve this, it relies on an excellent understanding of user needs in each acquisition process phase (customer journey), and on a strategic plan with the perfect combination of the following elements.

Your own digital channels: Website (or store), landing pages, blogs, social profiles and mailing lists

A user journey map during the procurement process (customer journey)

The creation, publication, and dissemination of relevant, attractive and appropriate content to the needs (questions) and channels chosen by users in each customer journey phase.

Web traffic attraction strategies

Your own sales pipeline

A good CRM Software

An Automation Marketing Software platform

And measurement, evaluation and improvement indefinitely.

Inbound strategies are designed to increase qualified organic traffic to your digital channels, generate 60% more leads than any other method, delight in lead nurturing and turn those leads into the customers you want for your business.

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