Strategic planning

Digital marketing Consulting and strategic planning

Professional audit and digital marketing planning services for companies and professionals

Doing it right means developing a digital strategy that ensures achieving business goals, whilst providing customer experiences that create genuine, lasting relationships at each of the digital touchpoints.

Our team of experienced experts is at your disposal. We aim to create the perfect digital strategic plan and define all the parameters for business results monitoring and measurement, promoting the continuous improvement of all actions.

How we do it

Digital Marketing Planning

Planning makes all the difference. In addition to being clear about where you want to go and how you plan to do it, you will know what works and what does not, being able to follow a continuous improvement plan.

Digital Audits

Our professionals will analyse every detail of your digital presence to generate a complete digital threats and opportunities report.

Digital Business Strategy

Having a good idea is just the beginning of a good business. tbb Agency offers you +10 years of experience doing digital business to make that idea a reality.

Competitive Intelligence

The best way to leverage data to power your business, improve your value proposition, and/or plan your digital marketing investment.

Digital Analytics

Effective digital analytics consists of three parts: good technical configuration, effective develpment reports and expert analysis. We excell in these field, and our pursuit of perfection in providing quality analysis is exactly what we offer.

Technological Consultancy

We help you to understand and make well informed decisions on every detail.

We take on the challenge of becoming Insiders-Outsiders to bring a new and innovative vision.

We are committed to demonstrating that our professionals can act simultaneously: as marketing consultants and as part of your team to help you fulfil your mission and delight your audience.

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