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We’ve developed a premium Google Ads account management and optimization service that has it que lo tiene ALL.

Combining the expertise of our senior account managers with the unparalleled power of Machine Learning, our professional service ensures the highest optimization level.

We leave nothing to chance: we work on all the elements that are part of your campaign to ensure that you get the maximum return on every cent invested. We are a Google Premier Partner agency with more than 15 years of experience and more than 10 million euros managed in PPC campaigns.

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Google Ads Premier Partner Badge

Google has distinguished us with the Premier Partner badge for having demonstrated every month, during these last 15 years, the highest level of experience and competence in Google Ads campaigns development, launch, and administration; for professionals, businesses, startups, and small and medium-sized companies.

Being a Google Premier Partner means that we are constantly evaluated in managing our accounts, maximizing budgets, and optimizing and implementing the latest innovations and features. In addition, we receive great training on products and tools, we have Google support department support, and we have access to all the latest news and betas so that our customers can stay at the forefront, taking advantage of the latest PPC Advertising technology available, and above their competitors.

And what is the maximum level of optimization?

Optimización del PPC
  • 1 Gain as much visibility as possible
  • 2 Investing by segmenting and targeting the potential audience correctly
  • 3 Attracting the most relevant traffic
  • 4 At the most opportune time
  • 5 Pay as little as possible for each click
  • 6 Smart bid adjustment 24/7
  • 7 Get a return on your investment according to your expectations by maximizing the return on your investment
  • 8 Increasing market penetration
  • 9 Increase brand presence
  • 10 Outperforming your competitors
  • 11 More sales… more leads

How we do it?

We organize our optimization work into a plan with three levels

The services focused on account optimization y investment maximization are independent of each other but, combined, allow each euro invested to be squeezed to the maximum.


Account-level investment optimization

Account settings

Proper account setup ensures good investment control and goal tracking.

Campaign structure

Campaigns correct organization, ad groups, ads and keywords in line with the web architecture is the only way to maintain a good budget allocation strategy.


Google rewards accounts that have all levels of ads, that use all extensions and take advantage of all quality optimization tools and, on the other hand, users reward the clearest and most creative advertisers.

Key words

Keyword work is a job that never ends. Detecting and seizing new opportunities, as well as alerting and neutralizing threats is a job that needs to be done every week. For this we use the best and latest tools.

Public and audiences

Managing public and audiences properly is critical so you don’t feel like every time you show a listing you’re flipping a coin. The more relevant and timely you are, the lower the CPA you get.

Performance optimization at the landing page level

Comprehensive website analysis

We analyse the destination of ads in depth to ensure the highest technical quality and the best user experience, all based on a deep understanding of the business and our customers objectives.
Landing Pages Workflows Tagged Test A/B – Multivariate Performance Analysis and Continuous Improvement
Expertos en campañas PPC

Cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) optimization at algorithm level

Machine Learning PPC

Machine Learning

A machine learning solution that allows you to optimize offers and budgets efficiently and quickly, at levels that exceed human capacity, and focused on maximizing budgets of any size.

How does it work?

It works automatically by applying sets of high-frequency predictive algorithms that infer key campaign data such as seasonality, hours of the day, location, positioning, etc., on all platforms, allowing you to self-learn and make smarter decisions about offers and budget daily and in real time.

Who is this service for?

We have thought of a way of working so that any company can take advantage of this service and we can guarantee a level of results well above the market average.

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What does it cost?

We divide the cost of service into three parts that relate to the three optimization key points.

Customized quotation

Service Conditions Price
Initial Setup Account and Campaigns Construction/ initial Campaign review Monthly → investment up to €5,000 Search → Campaigns and Google Shopping¹ → Includes dynamic remarketing campaigns 650,00 €
Monthly management and maintenance New campaigns creation /campaign optimization and maintenance Monthly → investment up to €5,000 Search → Campaigns and Google Shopping¹ → Includes dynamic remarketing campaigns 480,00 €
Machine Learning Budget Management and cost optimization per Click Monthly → investment up to €5,000 Search → Campaigns and Google Shopping¹ 199,00 €
Conversion Rate Optimization Exhaustive analysis and website optimization to detect opportunities for improvement and solve shopping experience issues Technical → Analysis → Improvement of the Google Quality Score → Data collection for the optimization of:
  • ◆ User experience
  • ◆ Conversion Funnels
  • ◆ Landing Pages
→ Tests for optimization
Low budget

¹Doesn’t include feed creation and optimization (scheduling)

What do you get?

An account structure and winning campaign

  • ◆ Taking competition into account
  • ◆ Prioritizing the advantages
  • ◆ Focused on ROI

A 100% optimized account

  • ◆ + profitable words and – non-return words
  • ◆ Attractive ads and all its versions
  • ◆ Optimal use of all extensions
  • ◆ Early adoption of all new developments
  • ◆ Organized and optimized product feed
  • ◆ Scheduling at the best times
  • ◆ Investing where you’re going to win
  • ◆ Making the most of the users’ knowledge
  • ◆ Professionally managing audience and audiences for remarketing

Analytics and reporting

  • ◆ Dashboards and reports
  • ◆ Performance alerts
  • ◆ Objectives and micro-objectives tracking
  • ◆ Use of attribution models

Professional advice

  • ◆ From professional marketers and a whole team of designers and programmers
  • ◆ Comprehensive digital marketing consulting

360 Integration

Managing public and audiences properly is critical so you don’t feel like every time you show a listing you’re flipping a coin. The more relevant and timely you are, the lower the CPA you get.

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