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Mailing & Automation

Email marketing has always been one of the most effective and profitable digital marketing strategies. And now, with our team, you can start getting the most out of this channel.

But in order to take advantages it is necessary to make a different approach that goes beyond the simple sending of emails and newsletters, and develop a new form of communication that is more personal, more human and less intrusive. Effective and profitable email marketing.

At tbb Agency we know how to transform your mailing lists into a source of information that allows you to take the profitability of your direct communication strategy to the next level.

And this while still treating subscribers as people who have specific dreams, desires and needs, and not addressing them as mere numbers within your contact list. In this way, you will increase your email marketing campaigns profitability, without inconveniencing subscribers with impersonal proposals.

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What do we do?

Que hacemos

Audience management

  • Updating the database
  • Tags and segmentations
  • Lists’ debugging and remediation

Brand’s presence, and periodicity

  • Newsletters
  • Messages
  • Press releases

Opportunities and profitability

  • Cost-effective automations
  • Transactional emails
  • Smart Triggers
  • A/B Testing

Lead Capture

  • Signup forms
  • Inbound Content
  • Gated Content

Design and templates

  • Content design following the latest trends
  • GIFs
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics

Reporting and analytics

  • Opening
  • Clicks
  • Deliverability
  • Conversions
  • Profitability

Email Marketing for eCommerce

  • 360 Integration
  • Intelligent automations
  • Cross-selling
  • Discounts and promotions

We can help you monetize your email marketing

Email marketing and automations are powerful digital marketing tools that can encourage your customers to buy your products or consume your content. And at tbb Agency we can offer you a professional service that ensures you get the best results, without damaging your brand image.

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How we do it?

Opportunity and relevance

Opportunity and relevance are email marketing keywords.

Sending a birthday greeting or an invitation to benefit from a discount to renew glasses will give the expected results only if they are sent at the right time, and to the right person.

We apply creativity

Getting people’s attention is getting more expensive every day. It is becoming more and more difficult to attract users attention and consideration, and we know it. Therefore, we adapt our customers’ proposals according to the occasion.

We combine the right amount of data and art so that communications reach their destination and meet their objectives, obtaining the best possible results.

We increase profitability by protecting investment

Building a profitable mailing list, made up of people who find your proposals interesting, requires a lot of creative effort and important planning.

That is why it is important not to waste it on shipments that only generate anger, complaints and the unsubscription that has cost so much to attract.

We maximize our demand to maximize list segmentation and debugging, because we know that it is as important – or more so – than attracting new subscribers.

Knowing what and when your customers need something is much more profitable than increasing a list size and sending thousands of depersonalized emails every day.

We use the best digital technology

The secret to connecting brands and customers is one: applying the best combination of technologies to develop an integrated digital marketing strategy.

At tbb Agency we accompany the evolutions that dictate the future of our sector, and we use the most cutting-edge tools to segment audiences, work with CRM and lead nurturing, automate shipments, activate triggers and analyse your indicators, to increase your brand relevance and make your digital presence 360º.

Intelligent automations

At tbb Agency, we use automation with near-surgical precision to make every message sent cost-effective.

An intelligent email marketing strategy becomes profitable by providing the best possible answers to these and many other questions, at the right time.

The only way to achieve this is to work with smart lists in which every moment of the journey and the interests of your customers are perfectly mapped. Our specialists know how to develop automation strategies to grow your business at a lower cost in time and investment, and without losing your customers’ attention.

Proud Mailchimp Partners

We are Mailchimp partners, and we have more than 10 years of experience in mailing and automation strategies. For us, sending an email that is not connected to other strategies generates the same annoying noise as spam. Therefore, we integrate the sending of newsletters with automations, Social Media strategies, SEO, SEM, without forgetting to retarget your audience.

At tbb Agency we develop strategies for attracting qualified and relevant leads for your business.

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