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Our team of professional community managers can manage a multitude of profiles and accounts for your brand, across several platforms, whilst maintaining a regular production and publication of content on the appropriate subject matter with the right tone of voice for your audience. We pride ourselves in generating a level of participation that aligns with your expectations.

How we do it

We create experiences that people remember

We have digital technicians and creative experts who will make your brand stand out from the rest of the crowd , directly appealing to your target market with exciting content.

With our Social Media Management plan, we work to achieve the engagement your brand needs, creating strategies and planning exciting content that users remember and relate to your brand. This is how we get the most out of branded content. We study your market, monitor your competition, and analyse and measure the results obtained to see what works and should focus on.

We focus on creating and maintaining a loyal community that follows you and considers your value proposition when deciding, buying or recommending.

We attend to take care of your digital reputation. We will help you avoid and solve possible brand crisis problems, apart from reinforcing and improving your digital authority.

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We design cost-effective social networks advertising strategies

Much of your target audience has a presence on social networks. Perhaps they scroll through one, or several at a time. Considering how to extend your reach through so many social networks? We work hand-in-hand with Social Paid Media to promote your presence and take your brand beyond your current organic reach.

Remarketing, retargeting and paid posts, when used correctly, form part of a valuable formula that helps you to reach the right audience and get more conversions through social media advertising.

How do you get the most out of paid media? Our specialists will help you achieve this through our Social Paid Media plan and create the right audiences.

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We grow your social networks activity

The community manager profile not only contemplates effective online communities’ management, but it is also a catalyst in maintaining a solid community that consumes and supports your brand’s proposals.

Community management professionals are always there: they listen, talk and moderate, taking care of your company’s customer care on social media so that the people in your community feel valued.

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We transform your networks into a lead generation machine

With a social networks presence that is both suitable and manageable for your business, and direct interaction with your audience, you’ll be one step away from achieving strong lead generation. All you need to do is motivate your followers to take the action you expect.

We can help you get the key contacts you need to achieve your business goals.

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