Google Ads Machine learning

Top-tier Digital Marketing Performance

If you think you can no longer improve the ROI of your PPC budget…

Machine Learning makes good twice as good: the best of manual optimization deserves that you apply the best AI + Big Data techniques and the great processing power of automated algorithms.

Machine learning software takes into account what happened in the past to make better decisions in the future. Considering past campaign performance, learn and adjust bids up to 48 times a day for best performance.

In addition, it has the ability to optimize multiple goals at the same time and make adjustments and improvements in real time by continuously collecting new data. And this allows us to extract the maximum yield of each euro from the established budget.

High-frequency predictive algorithms are designed to evaluate millions of variables and impressive amounts of information 24/7 to learn how to optimize all aspects of click bidding and incredibly improve your paid marketing strategy results in search engines such as Google and Bing.

Start using Machine Learning

PPC is much better with machine learning

All algorithm decisions are made with 4 objectives in mind

Spend the entire monthly budget.

Make the daily budget last all day.

Maintain the preset average CPC / CPA.

Maximize the number of clicks / conversions for the lowest CPC / CPA average.

Automate optimization with a Bid and Budget Management Big Data + Machine Learning algorithm to improve your business

This is the impressive result of the Bids and Quotes management performed by the Acquisio Turing™ algorithm

No human can analyze the offers of millions of advertisers and change bid offers every 30 minutes, that can only be achieved by applying the Turing™ algorithm of the Acquisio platform.

Acquisio, our Machine Learning tool, applies the Turing™ algorithm

Acquisio, it has the resources to make decisions that exceed human capacities thousands of times..

Checks and updates bids and quotes every 30 mins.

Resets the daily budget every day based on the month’s ad spend and the days left.

Understands keywords as a whole and makes decisions based on the collective group.

Small and medium-sized enterprises can also access and take advantage of the latest digital technology.

Pay as little as possible per quality click. Adjust the bid for each keyword up to 48 times a day.

Save on your campaigns!

Analyze your competition at all times

Automate your advertising management

Optimize your cross-platform budgets based on results

Clone campaigns with a single click

Program reports

Manage your budget with surgical precision

Generate more sales for your business

The average cost per click may vary by industry, but each digital advertiser’s goal is to reduce their CPC as much as possible.

With machine learning it is possible to reach where the human being cannot.

Did you know that non-machine learning Google Ads accounts only reach their goals 23% of the time? With our Machine Learning software, you can get 77%.

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